Tuesday, April 1, 2008

anniversary dinner

Hmm, seems like our anniversary is coming up (1 yr from day we got engaged) and I am debating between copping out and go to a restaurant OR cook. I don't want to spend 80+ when I can cook everything for half that much (Tony, just give me the difference!).

I'm really debating on the menu...so this is what I have:
- tuna tataki salad (it was a solid dish, i want it again!)
- steamed/boiled dungeness crabs (how the f*c* am i gonna crack it open?)
- side of sesame noodles in a peanut sauce
- homemade cheesecake w/ a biscoff cookie crust.

I'm super excited about the cheesecake as I will be using Biscoffs! Biscoffs are the most delicious and delectable, undeniably addictive crisp cookies. It's literally like crack cookie-style! A slightly burnt taste, but w/ a great cinnamon flavor and crunch...ohhhh...I'd go Homer Simpson on these.....*drool*

So Tony can pay for the dinner and I'll make it...no need for any gifts...just pay for my food dang it!

1 comment:

Francesca said...

OMG I loooooove those biscoff when you get them on planes! sooo yummy. Happy anniversary and everything!Enjoy!!