Monday, April 28, 2008

california - too uptight

omg...i can't believe how crazy uptight and lame california is! - if your recycling bin is visible from the street, you will be issued a citation and fine for $100!

oh, and if the butt of your car parked in YOUR driveway in front of YOUR property is just barely touching the sidewalk or crossed over, you will get a fine. it me or should the state of california should worry about more important things like actual CRIME?

haha im complaining again..sorry.


Corey said...

Girl that's why I stay my ass in Louisiana! How you doing girl? Haven't talk to you in awhile!

Joseph said...

That's pretty lame. Dallas is lame too! I had a huge ice box on my patio one day and then got a warning that I'll get a ticket next time it's out there.Sheesh. Nice page by the way! :-)